Dennis Carbee’s Interactive Art On Wall, Mirror & Music Video

Artist Dennis Carbee has developed a unique new art form, using mirror
polished stainless steel to create a kaleidoscope of images.

His creations of interactive art come alive, capturing its surroundings,
as if it were a music video in a fantasy world of twisted images.

Bearing the wow factor, Dennis Carbee’s works go beyond the museum
as they are great conversational pieces, too, for one’s house, office,
the airport, cruise ship, or convention hall. Practically everything has the right
touch of innovative, futuristic imagery to liven up any space. His reflective wall
pieces burst with life and the metal sculptures
produce images that are not static---instead, you get a different picture
every time that is why it is encouraged for outdoor fun.

Nobody has gone as high-tech as Dennis Carbee in the field of contemporary art,
which he makes available even for outdoor fun.


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